The Mangina - A Very Unique Sex Toy

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  • Made from lifelike UR3
  • Functions as a pocket pussy or dildo
  • Also works as a penis enhancer
Quick facts
The Mangina is a one-of-a-kind sex toy that men and women alike can enjoy, as it combines the best of masturbation toys for both genders.

Item Description
What exactly is a “Mangina,” you ask? Well, let’s ask our good friend Wikipedia, Delphian Oracle for the digital age and harbinger of doom to librarians everywhere. Mangina may refer to:

  • A genus of tiger moths in the Erebidae family, consisting of three species: Mangina argus, Mangina syringa, and Mangina pulchra
  • Phyllis Mangina, former head basketball coach for the Seton Hall Pirates from 1985-2010
  • A slang term for a man with a pronounced feminine side or a weak masculine side

    Hmm, this doesn’t really look like any of those, does it? I guess we’re going to have to come up with our own definition. Wow, we get to create a new definition for a word from scratch. What an honor. That right is usually reserved for stuffy old white guys who think texting is ruining America. Okay, how about:

  • Mangina: A great way to freak your significant other out when they walk in the bedroom

    No, that’s not quite right. Maybe...

  • The world’s worst halloween costume idea

    Hmm, nope. Okay, third time’s the charm:

  • The Mangina is a one-of-a-kind sex toy made from realistic UR3 that combines a firm and flexible dildo with an internally-textured male stroker. The Mangina makes a great solo toy for men and women alike, or can be used by both partners simultaneously to enhance length and girth and add new sensations to sex. The Mangina should be used with water-based lubricant and cleaned with antibacterial sex toy cleaner.

    Yeah, that’s more like it. Merriam and Webster would be proud.
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