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The Womanizer Wave Is Part Shower Head, Part Sex Toy SALE

The Womanizer Wave Is Part Shower Head, Part Sex Toy

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Ladies and gentlemen, gather 'round as we introduce you to the marvel of modern innovation – the "Womanizer Wave." It's not your ordinary shower head; it's the lovechild of bathroom aficionados at hansgrohe and pleasure pioneers Womanizer, here to revolutionize your bathroom time and take your self-care routine to thrilling new heights!

Product Features:

- The World's First PleasureJet Shower Head: Imagine a shower head that also doubles as your pleasure partner. Yes, you heard it right! The Womanizer Wave is a 2-in-1 wonder, combining the functionality of a shower head with the exhilaration of clitoral stimulation.

- Showering Just Got Sexier: Say goodbye to ordinary showers and embrace touchless stimulation with the natural element of water. Experience a variety of settings that take you on a journey towards peaks of pleasure without overwhelming sensations.

- 3 Water Jets: The PleasureJet and PleasureWhirl settings are your keys to clitoral bliss, while the PowderRain setting provides a luxurious shower experience. Crafted with precision by the bathroom wizards at hansgrohe, these settings ensure optimum performance.

- 2-in-1 Use: The Womanizer Wave is a chameleon; it can seamlessly transition between a regular shower head and a pleasure toy. Discreet and stylish, it functions as a high-quality shower head while secretly harboring the power to deliver exquisite orgasms.

- Engineered by Experts: Created by industry leaders hansgrohe and Womanizer, this innovative marvel is a response to user feedback. It's where the world's best shower meets the number one pleasure brand, ensuring the ultimate self-care routine.

- Simple Controls: Navigate between settings effortlessly with a single-button control. Choose between an opulent shower or intense water-driven stimulation at your fingertips.

- Intensity Slider: Adjust the intensity smoothly with Wave's intuitive slide adjuster. Tease gently or dive into intense pleasure – it's all up to you, and it's as easy as a slide!

- Unique 2-in-1 Function: Wave is not just a shower head; it's a water-pressure clitoral massager, a one-of-a-kind product designed to redefine pleasure and self-care.

- Ergonomic Shape: Crafted for comfortable one-handed control, Wave ensures effortless water massage stimulation.

- Intuitive Controls: Enjoy a variety of sensations with 3 different water jets and pressure intensities – all at the touch of a button.

- Saves Water: EcoSmart technology means you can enjoy guilt-free pleasure, as it uses 60% less water than conventional shower heads while maintaining peak performance.

- Effortless Installation: Swapping your old shower head for Wave is a breeze – just imagine the bliss that awaits!

- Materials: ABS
- Weight: 6.7 oz. (191 g)
- Dimensions: 3.5 x 2.9 x 10.6 in. (88 x 73 x 270 mm)
- Warranty: 5 years

The Womanizer Wave – where the mundane meets the extraordinary. Step into a world where self-care and pleasure unite in perfect harmony. It's time to make a splash and let the Wave take you on a journey like no other!

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Totally private

Site Review: They make sure your personal information stays private and safe.

not installed

I don't think I can install this myself. It is sitting in the box. I could ask a friend, but then they would know. I can't ask my Dad. I tried the instructions but I don't think this is for me. ShopInPrivate should start a service called

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