FAQ - Site Security and Shopping Cart

Common Questions - Site Security and Shopping Cart
Executive Summary
Any questions about the security of your information or how to use your shopping cart? Look below to have your questions about minimum orders and credit cards answered.

Hot Facts
  • ShopInPrivate offers you an unparalleled, private shopping experience
  • Did you know that ShopInPrivate.com is the largest online retailer that doesn't have an email newsletter?
  • We never email or send catalogs to our customers because that isn't private.
  • This page answer common shopping questions answered
Common Questions - Site Security and Shopping Cart
ShopInPrivate.com offers you unparalleled privacy before, during, and after your purchase.
  • Before you buy, you can browse in a completely safe, clean, and private environment. Frankly, this isn't available elsewhere. No one wants to stand in the pharmacy aisle while reading the preparation-h package. Here at ShopInPrivate.com you can take your time.
  • No one wants to tell others their personal information. This is true at a pharmacy, Doctor's office, anywhere. Here at ShopInPrivate.com we try to answer your most personal questions by providing the information you need. You can find information about hemorrhoids, PMS, Intestinal Gas, Pubic Crabs and all sorts of other private topics.
  • During your purchase, we use a 128 bit secure commerce server to keep your purchase information private. After your purchase your information is completely safe.
  • Not only do we not give away, sell, or rent your information, but we also don't use it ourselves. You will never receive an unwanted e-mail, letter, package, or solicitation as a result of your decision to ShopInPrivate.
  • Since 1998 we have offered a consistently solid privacy policy. It is working very well for us. 240,000 customers will probably agree. While other companies have changed their privacy standards, we are happily holding steady with ours. 

Here are some common troubles and questions:
  • I can only put one item in my shopping cart, Is something wrong? This occurs when your browser has cookies disabled. Some folks like to keep the cookies turned off as a privacy measure. While we agree it can be effective, a cookie is required to keep track of what items are in your cart. Turn the cookies back on by changing your preferences in your browser and you should be all set.
  • I think I placed an order, but I never entered my credit card information? You may find the items are still in your shopping cart. We usually receive this question when the three order steps are not completed. If you are still using the same computer, look for the words "view cart" to the left and click them. You'll need to "check out" with your shopping cart.
  • The minimum order amount is preventing me from checking out, What gives? We are very sorry, we try to be fair in all of our dealings and we ask the same in return. Unfortunately, it costs us money every time we pack an order. There is labor costs, supplies, and materials involved in packing, checking, and shipping even the smallest order. We have had to set a minimum order amount to stay in business. It usually isn't very high.
  • What is the minimum order amount? It actually varies. It sounds ridiculous, but it is true. Usually it hovers between $5 and $10. We reduce it if business is slow and increase it during busy periods. This prevents us from hiring and firing warehouse staff. We maintain a steady flow of orders. This allows us to keep the best, brightest, and most enthusiastic warehouse team possible. We appreciate your patience with it.