Best Selling Private Products for Men

Top Ten Private Products for Men
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Check out our Top Ten Private Products for Men at carries unique personal products for men, and these are our best sellers and favorites.

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Top Ten Private Products for Men
Ever wanted to buy something at the store, but didn't want to go through the embarrassment of carrying it around, or showing the item to the cashier? Even stores that sell only embarrassing items, like sex toy shops, can make you feel intimidated, or worse, creepy. was created to quell the embarrassment of buying personal products. We ship and bill privately, and never give your personal information to everyone. Since our inception in 1998, we have sold almost a million embarrassing products. We've found some unique items that we love along the way, and some that we can't even believe exist. 

Here are's Top Ten Private Products for Men. These are bestselling items that we have recommended time and time again. They are items that you might want to buy privately online, and they are items that solve personal problems and issues quickly, effectively and discreetly. Take a look at our top private products for men here at ShopInPrivate. 


  • Pink Lady Fleshlight
    The Pink Lady Fleshlight is one of our top selling sex toys for men. Famous for its discreet design, the Fleshlight is a plush pocket pussy that is stored within a container that looks like a giant flash light.


  • The Best Pocket Pussy
    This is our best selling pocket pussy, hands down. The Best Pocket Pussy is a value-priced pocket pussy that has all the bells and whistles of its high priced competitors: hefty, thick texture, life-like look and stretchy, durable material. Another plus: it cleans up easy.


  • Stud 100
    Stud 100 is a spray that helps delay ejaculation. If you'd like to last longer in the sack, Stud 100 is the way to go. Whether you've experienced premature ejaculation or you'd just like to increase your stamina, Stud 100 works. This spray includes lidocaine, which numbs you and adds a little bit of lubrication to sex as well. Apply it 10 minutes before sex so she's not affected by the numbing factor.


  • The Perfect Shaver for Shaving Your Balls
    The title says it all: this is the perfect shaver for shaving your balls. After all, you don't want to use the one you use on your face for your junk. We like this Remington Shaver because it has two shields, making nicks and cuts virtually impossible.


  • Pure Instinct Pheromone Colgone
    Pure Instinct is an office favorite at We wear it to tradeshows, and find that more people seem to like us. Applying this pheromone cologne will make you more attractive to women. Wear it to the bar, on dates, anywhere you might run into people you want to impress or get close to.


  • K-Y Jelly Personal Lubricant
    When it comes to personal lubricant, K-Y is an old standby. K-Y Jelly is a mainstay because it is thick, water-based, condom-safe, and non-threatening. K-Y is great for masturbation, sex, sex toys, anal sex... you name it.


  • Our Favorite Nose Hair Trimmer
    In 1999 conducted the world's first nose hair trimmer contest. We tried every nose hair trimmer and even tried plucking our nose hairs (ouch). Our conclusion? The Remington Model NE3 is the best nose hair trimmer on the market.


  • Smaller Condoms
    Small condoms can be painful to buy in person. Because they are one of our top sellers, we know just how many men need a smaller size condom: lots. The Iron Grip Condoms are trustworthy condoms. They are just like regular sized condoms, only smaller.


  • Stretchy Cock Rings
    The Stretchy Cock Rings are comfortable, durable, and allow you to find the right size for you without spending an arm and a leg. These constriction rings can be used to constrict blood from leaving your erection, making it appear larger and feel firmer. Cock rings can make you last longer and make your orgasms more explosive as well.


  • Fresh Balls
Tired of smelling like a bleu cheese factory after a long day? Fresh Balls is a liquid powder that keeps your junk fresh and clean all day. It goes on like a lotion, and transforms to a powder to keep you dry and odor-free.