Fundies Underwear for Two

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  • The classic underwear for two
  • A hilarious gag gift
  • First they blush, then they smile
Quick facts
Fundies are a pair of underwear built for two. Fundies have been around for over 20 years and are a great gag gift for couples. Purchase these unique underwear at

Item Description

You know you’ve achieved true togetherness when the two of you squeeze into a single pair of underwear. Fundies have many advantages. Save money on laundry bills! Eliminate embarrassing “wanna do it?” conversations! Detect as little as 0.5 oz of weight gain instantly! And much, much more!

Fundies are underwear built for two people. How does that work? Well, Fundies have four leg holes. Go ahead and try them on... just be sure to invite a friend!

Fundies are also great fun for a potato sack type race. Pair off your guests and get each team to don a pair of Fundies. Hand out prizes to those who reach the finish line first!

You know, for something as random as a pair of underwear with two leg holes, there really are a lot of uses for these. We can think of plenty more... none of them are appropriate.

Fundies are a classic gag gift, getting laughs from givers, receivers and users for at least 20 years. Shop in private to put a tradition to work for you!

Note: The appearance of this item's packaging has recently changed. While our stock is transitioning from the old to the new appearance, you might receive fundies in either of two slightly different looking packages, both pictured above.

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