Edible Underwear for Her - One Undie - Strawberry Chocolate


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Edible Underwear are indeed a fun gag gift.
Quick facts
Edible Underwear taste horrible and are quite disappointing.

Item Description
What tastes horrible, claims to contain fruit flavoring (but you doubt it), doesn't really look like its namesake and often has to be called a gag gift because no one would accept it if it were given sincerely? No, not your mom's fruitcake. Edible underwear! These things look like low-quality garbage bags and taste like it too. They also turn your teeth red; it's kind of like those ink cartridges some stores put on merchandise to catch shoplifters, because eating these should be a felony. It does, however, make an excellent gag gift for any sort of party (except maybe a six year old's birthday party - this would be the worst fruit roll-up they have ever tasted), but if you have even the remotest shred of compassion or human decency, you ought to warn whoever you're giving it to not to eat it.

Contains one undie for her. These underwear are one size fits most and "chocolate strawberry" flavor, but we really, really don't recommend wearing or eating them.
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