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Nasstoy's Universale Enema / Douche - Black SALE

Nasstoy's Universale Enema / Douche - Black

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Introducing Nasstoy's Universale Enema/Douche in a hue as deep and mysterious as your newfound cleansing journey – Universal Douche in sleek black! Prepare for an experience that's not just clean, but clandestinely captivating.

Features That Will Leave You Breathless:

- Interchangeable Attachments:
- Unleash the power of versatility with Nasstoy's Universale Douche. Boasting 2 interchangeable attachments, it's designed to cater to both him and her. Customize your cleansing experience and embrace the freedom of choice.

- Easy Push-Button Control:
- Forget about complicated maneuvers – this Universal Douche keeps it simple with an easy push-button control. Your cleansing adventure is just a button press away, ensuring a stress-free and efficient operation.

- Body-Safe Silicone:
- Nasstoy cares about your well-being. The Universal Douche is meticulously crafted from body-safe silicone, providing a gentle touch that respects your body's intimate needs.

- Waterproof Elegance:
- Elevate your cleansing routine with a touch of elegance. The Universale Douche is waterproof, inviting you to indulge in aquatic escapades for a thorough and refreshing cleanse.

- Phthalate-Free Assurance:
- Nasstoy prioritizes safety by ensuring the Universale Douche is phthalate-free. Revel in a worry-free experience as you prioritize your health and hygiene.


- Materials:
- Attachments – PP
- Bulb – Silicone

- Size:
- Bulb Size – 4.5"
- Length of Attachments – 2" and 3.75"

Dive into the abyss of Nasstoy's Universale Enema/Douche in the enigmatic shade of black. Whether preparing for intimate moments or simply seeking a fresh start, this Universal Douche promises a cleansing experience as dark and mysterious as your desires. Embrace the allure of black and redefine your hygiene routine with Nasstoy!

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Eeasy to use

easy to use

Showed up fast

Site Review: I ordered and it came to the house privately and quickly.

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