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The Hydro Rocket Enema / Douche by Bathmate SALE

The Hydro Rocket Enema / Douche by Bathmate

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Introducing the Hydro Rocket Douche by Bathmate – because sometimes, a little shower power is all you need to elevate your hygiene routine to new, refreshing heights. This isn't your ordinary nozzle; it's the James Bond of personal cleansing, sleek, discreet, and here to ensure your nether regions are as pristine as a freshly polished spaceship.

Unveiling the Hydro Rocket's Secret Agent Features:

- Hydro Power Cleansing: Add water, and voila! The Hydro Rocket Douche is ready for action. Simple, sleek, and effective, it's your trusty sidekick in the pursuit of impeccable hygiene.

- Ergonomic Squeeze: The easy-squeeze 10.98-ounce capacity bulb ensures a controlled, comfortable cleanse. No complicated maneuvers here; just a gentle squeeze for the perfect wash.

- No-Return Valve: Fear not the return of the water! The innovative non-return valve thwarts any attempt by water to sneak back into the bulb, eliminating contamination risks and ensuring a thorough, hygienic clean.

- Detachable Nozzle and Flat Bottom Base: Cleaning? A breeze. Remove the nozzle, rinse with hot water, give it a spritz of your favorite toy cleaner, and you're good to go. The flat bottom base ensures stability during your cleaning mission.

- Discreet Storage: After the mission is accomplished, the Hydro Rocket slips into a discreet bag for undercover storage. Your secret weapon stays safe and sound until the next call to duty.

Simple Operation, Maximum Clean:

1. Remove the nozzle.
2. Fill the bulb with lukewarm water.
3. Replace the nozzle.
4. Ready for action! Your Hydro Rocket is prepped for a clean, confident play.

Hydro Rocket Specifications:

- Liquid Capacity: 325ml
- Silicone Nozzle: Because your delicate bits deserve nothing but the best.
- Lube Compatibility: Works like a charm with water-based and hybrid lubes.

Crafted with skin-safe tested materials, the Hydro Rocket Douche by Bathmate isn't just a hygiene accessory; it's a necessity for those who want their playtime to be as clean and confident as a secret agent on a mission. Because, let's face it, a clean slate is the best canvas for a splashy rendezvous!

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Best enema

This is the nicest enema I've ever seen. Super cool design.

Quick Private

Site review: Always quick, always private. I like shopping here.

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