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A Slave Collar With Leash - Burgundy SALE

A Slave Collar With Leash - Burgundy

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Dive into the intriguing world of dominance and submission with the Ouch! Luxury Adjustable Collar with Leash in Burgundy. Because who said BDSM can't have a touch of elegance? Unleash your desires with a collar that screams sophistication while keeping things under control.

Product Features:

- Luxurious Burgundy Elegance: Elevate your kink game with this luxurious collar in a regal burgundy hue. Because why settle for basic black when you can dominate in style?

- Total Control, Total Comfort: This collar doesn't believe in compromises. It's sturdy enough to exert total control, yet comfortable enough for those long, intense sessions. It's like a velvet glove for your neck, if velvet gloves were also into BDSM.

- Adjustable Diamond Design: The collar features a diamond pattern for that extra touch of class. With five adjustable holes, finding the perfect fit is a breeze. It's like having a tailor for your kinks.

- Neoprene and Faux-Leather Fusion: Crafted with a stylish blend of neoprene and faux-leather, this collar is a fashion statement in the world of BDSM accessories. It's not just a collar; it's a runway-worthy piece of dominance.

- Perfect Dimensions: With a length of 52.5 cm (20.7") and a width of 5 cm (1.97"), this collar is not too tight, not too loose—it's just right. Goldilocks would approve, even if she's not into the whole BDSM thing.

- Robust Chain Attachment: The robust black chain, complete with a lobster clasp, attaches seamlessly to the secure O-ring on the collar. It's a visual spectacle that adds a touch of drama to your power play.

- Comfortable Handle: The chain comes with a comfortable handle because even in the world of BDSM, comfort matters. It's like a leash for your desires, with a grip that's as reassuring as it is commanding.

- Winter 2019-67 Approved: This collar isn't just any collar; it's Winter 2019-67 approved. The kind of approval you need when you want to make a statement in the world of fetish accessories.

Indulge in the Ouch! Luxury Adjustable Collar with Leash in Burgundy, where dominance meets sophistication, and submission becomes an art form. Because your desires deserve the best, and your kink collection deserves a touch of elegance. It's not just a collar; it's a lifestyle statement, one that says, "I'm in control, and I do it with flair." Get ready to explore the boundaries of pleasure with a collar that's as bold as your fantasies.

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