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Sensuva Hybrid Lube - 2 oz. SALE

Sensuva Hybrid Lube - 2 oz.

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Item Description
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Presenting Sensuva Hybrid Lube, the unscented 2 oz. solution that brings a touch of humor and a lot of smoothness to your intimate moments.

Product Features:

- Hybrid Formula: Sensuva Hybrid Lube boasts the healthiest hybrid formula on the market, combining the best of water-based and medical-grade silicone for an exceptional sensual glide.
- Long-Lasting Sensation: Blended with a small amount of medical-grade silicone, this lube provides a longer-lasting sensation without the stickiness or tackiness found in typical water-based moisturizers.
- Feel the Curves: With its thinner consistency, Sensuva's Hybrid Formula lets you feel the natural curves of your partner, enhancing the tactile experience.
- Skin-Friendly Ingredients: Crafted with a combination of natural, organic, food-grade, eco-cert, and EU Certified ingredients, this lube is glycerin and paraben-free, ensuring a healthier choice for your intimate moments.
- pH-Balanced: Sensuva Hybrid Lube is pH-balanced, making it a perfect choice for anyone, especially for those with allergies and sensitivities.
- Silky Smooth Finish: When it eventually disappears, this lube leaves the skin feeling silky smooth and well-hydrated, adding a luxurious touch to your intimate encounters.

Sensuva's Personal Moisturizer Line:

Sensuva's Personal Moisturizer Line is designed for those seeking healthier choices in sexual wellness products. Their formulas use a mix of natural, organic, food-grade, eco-cert, and EU Certified ingredients. All products in this line are glycerin and paraben-free, ensuring a balanced pH and making them an ideal choice for individuals with allergies and sensitivities.


- Water
- Hydroxyethyl Cellulose
- Dimethicone
- Propanediol
- Isopropyl Palmitate
- Sorbitan Monostearate
- Potassium Sorbate
- Sodium Benzoate
- Polyacrylate 13
- Polyisobutene
- Polysorbate 20
- Sodium Citrate

Sensuva Hybrid Lube offers a glide like no other, making every intimate moment a smoother, more delightful experience. Because when it comes to your pleasure, why settle for anything less than sensationally smooth?

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Customer Reviews

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The best lube

This feels great and lasts a long time.


Site review: I know a lot of the stuff here is funny, but I found something I really needed and it arrived quickly. Nice.

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