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A Silky, Long-Lasting Masturbation Cream for Men SALE
Wicked Masturbation Cream Ingredients SALE

Wicked Masturbation Creme

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Step up your jacking off game with Wicked Masturbation Creme. Get this silky smooth creme from, where we ship in plain brown boxes. Your billing statement will only say, "PriveCo."
Quick facts
  • Wicked Masturbation Creme
  • Made for the best masturbation
  • Made with coconut oil
  • 4 ounces
Item Description
Why do you need your own specific product to massage your penis, you might ask. After all, you've been tugging on this bad boy for years. Sometimes you've used a squirt of lotion or conditioner, but for many years, you've gone bone dry. And you're getting the same results. Why screw with a good relationship?

Wicked Masturbation Creme is a different kind of lube that's made for male masturbation. Unlike traditional lubes, it never gets sticky. It has more oils, like coconut and almond, that give you a silky slickness. We like Wicked Masturbation Creme because it lasts, and gives you a nice glide while still giving you enough friction to feel each stroke.

Step up your jacking off game with Wicked Masturbation Creme.

120 mL. 4.0 fl. oz.

Customer Reviews

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Good lube for spanking

This is good lube for spanking. It lasts forever and smells good too. It's a little tough to wash off and when I do wash it off, it kind of sticks to the sink a little bit. I don't want to have to get out some bathroom cleaner every time I spank the monkey, ya know? So four stars because it is pretty darned good.

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