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Voodoo You Love? Kit - Start Practicing Romantic Witchcraft Today! SALE
voodoo love kit SALE
voodoo love kit SALE
voodoo love kit SALE
voodoo love kit SALE

Make them fall in love or get revenge with the Voodoo You Love? Kit!

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  • Double-sided Voodoo Doll
  • Male and female sides
  • Includes 80-page book and 8 pins
Quick facts
The Voodoo You Love? Kit is a pretty comprehensive voodoo kit that includes a doll, 8 pins, and an 80-page book with instructions on how to use it for various purposes.
Item Description
Can’t get your soulmate to realize you’d be perfect for each other, despite your best efforts? Husband forgot your anniversary again? Suspect your boyfriend might be cheating on you? I miss the good old days, when you could just go to the local Woods Witch and have the batty old hag put a curse on the little peckerwood for you. Ah, those were simpler times, when a crazy cat lady with a fondness for pickled newt could solve all your relationship problems.

But these days, we live in the age of do-it-yourself, or more accurately, let-the-internet-help-you-do-it-yourself. Your friendly Woods Witch has been replaced by an electronic storefront selling you the tools to work your own witchcraft. We’ll do our best to live up to her mystical, magical, vaguely smelly legacy. And today, that best takes the form of the Voodoo You Love? Doll and Kit.

The Voodoo You Love? Kit comes with an 80-page book, 8 pins, and a two-sided voodoo doll with a male-looking design on one side and a female-looking design on the other (You can tell the difference by the hair length and eyelashes. Very sophisticated.) The included book includes detailed instructions on how to use the doll for all manner of arcane purposes, from making that special man or woman fall in love with you to getting revenge on a cheating bastard or bastardess. Boy, aren’t you lucky. That old Woods Witch had to learn all this stuff by trial and error, and probably fried a few eyebrows off in the process. With these handy instructions, you won’t have to fry off any eyebrows. Okay, one, at most.

Contains one 80-page book, one doll, and eight pins.
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