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A Urethral Vibrator. Yes, It Goes In Your Pee Hole. SALE
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A Vibrating Urethral Sound

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  • A Vibrating Sound
  • Urethral Vibrator
  • Takes 1 AAA battery
Quick facts
The Vibrating Sound is a urethral vibrator that we're very scared of. Have ship the Sound right to your door with the most private shipping practices available.
Item Description
Fun fact: Urethral vibrators are called "sounds." Which is weird, we thought they'd be called "screams."

Not all sounds vibrate, actually. Some sounds are just metal rods that are inserted into the penis. Apparently some men find this pleasurable, while most are crying and and attempting to retract their penises, just from reading this.

You know how women are always reading Cosmo? Cosmo finds a way in every single issue to encourage its readers to put their fingers up their man's butt. It's almost passe sex advice at this point. We want to assure women that putting your finger in a bum is much different than sticking a metal rod in a penis. This definitely isn't a kinky Cosmo sex tip. It's a more of a OHMYGOD WHY DOES THAT EXIST? GOD HELP US! Trust us, no man wants this.

The Vibrating Sound is kink object that inflicts pleasure and pain. It can be used as a pinpoint vibrator as well. We carry this super weird sex toy at for your entertainment. Take a look at our Strange Sex Toys category to see more of the world's weirdest sex toys.

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