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A Vibrating Silicone Enema - Black SALE

A Vibrating Silicone Enema - Black

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Ladies and gentlemen, gather 'round for the tale of the Vibrating Silicone Enema in sleek, mysterious black! Brought to you by the wizards at Nasstoys, this enema is ready to turn your hygiene routine into a sensational show like no other.

For Him or for Her: This versatile vibrating enema knows no boundaries. It's a gender-neutral performer, here to bring pleasure to everyone's doorstep. Share the joy or embark on a solo adventure – it's an equal-opportunity entertainer!

10-Function Vibration: Hold onto your hats, folks! This enema offers a whopping 10 vibration modes, each one a new chapter in the story of your intimate adventures. Get ready to be thrilled, delighted, and maybe even a little bewildered.

100% Silicone: Soft, supple, and as inviting as a warm hug, this enema is crafted from 100% silicone. It's like having a loyal, vibrating friend by your side.

Squirts & Vibrates: Surprise! This enema doesn't just vibrate; it can also squirt. It's a multitasking marvel, ready to make your cleaning routine feel like a pleasure journey.

RoHS Compliant: Worried about the environment? Fear not! This enema is RoHS compliant, meaning it meets the highest eco-friendly standards. You can enjoy your pleasure guilt-free, knowing Mother Earth is smiling too.

Phthalate Free: No nasty chemicals here! This enema is proudly phthalate-free, ensuring a clean and safe experience.

Waterproof: Want to take the show to the shower or bath? No problemo! This enema is waterproof, so you can enjoy aquatic adventures without any worries.

Size Matters: With a length of 8.5" and a width of 2.75", this enema is the Goldilocks of pleasure tools – just the right size to hit all the spots you desire.

Rechargeable: Say goodbye to the hassle of disposable batteries. This enema is rechargeable, with a quick charging time of just 40 minutes. Get ready for up to 100 minutes of uninterrupted pleasure on a single charge.

Voltage – 3.7 V: Equipped with a powerful 3.7 V motor, this enema ensures you'll never be left hanging. It's the sports car of pleasure tools, and it's here to rev your engines.

So, whether you're in the mood for a solo pleasure act, a duet with your partner, or just a thorough cleaning session that'll have you smiling all the way, the Nasstoys Vibrating Silicone Enema in sleek black is ready for the spotlight. Get ready to relax, and enjoy the ride – it's bound to be one for the books!

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More pleasant

I find that the vibrating nozzle is easier to insert and feels better.

Easy to find

Site review: The website is easy to use. You can quickly find what you want without getting confused.

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