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Make Your Vagina Say "Eat Me" in Shiny Gold Letters SALE
Three "Eat Me" Vaginal Tattoos SALE

Vajtats - Shiny Gold Tattoos for Your Vagina

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  • Vajtats Vagina Tatoos
  • Lasts 6 days
  • Pack of Three
Quick facts has hundreds of strange and obscure products like these Vajtats, which you can use to make your Vagina say "Eat Me."
Item Description
This week on Family Feud: We asked 100 people to name a place they would expect to find the words “Eat Me” written in shiny gold letters. The top 5 answers were:

5. Candy Wrapper

4. The back of Scrooge McDuck’s shorts

3. Flava Flav’s Mouth

2. A wedding cake for Ke$ha

1. Above a Vagina

Yes, if you guessed “Above a Vagina,” you’re our big winner! Come on down and claim the grand prize: a pack of 3 temporary tattoos so that that vagina can be your vagina!

These “Eat Me” temporary tattoos are easy to apply, just like any ordinary temporary tattoo. According to the package, Vajtats tattoos will stay on for 6 days, even with regular showering and swimming - though it suspiciously doesn’t mention how it holds up if someone follows its instructions. If, for some unfathomable reason, you want to remove it earlier than that, you can just rub some baby oil over the area and scrub it off.

One pack contains three tattoos.
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