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The Big & Uncut Uncircumcised Dildo - Why Aren't There More of These? SALE

An Uncut Dildo - Uncircumcised

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  • Uncircumcised Dildo
  • Realistic with a foreskin that peels back
  • 6.75 inches of insertable length, with a large girth
Quick facts
The Uncircumcised Dildo features a foreskin. Get this realistic dildo at, where we send your order in a plain brown box and never email you after the sale.
Item Description
And now, a collection of terrible circumcision jokes, for your viewing pleasure:

"How do I tell my wife that It really gets on my nerves when she nibbles on my foreskin? She thinks that I like it, but honestly, I just wish that I'd thrown it away after the circumcision."

"What the worst part of a back-street circumcision? It's a bloody rip-off."

"What's the difference between a divorce and a circumcision?
In a divorce, you get rid of the whole schmuck."

Okay, did you at least groan? I hope I got a groan out of you. But not, like, a pleasurable moan-groan. That's for later, when you're using the Uncircumcised Dildo, pretending you're back on your European Spring Break trip of 1999. "Oh, Giovanni, give it to me!"

The Uncircumcised Dildo has an insertable length of 6.75 inches, and a large, squishy girth of 1.8 inches. This hand-sculpted, real-feel dong has a sturdy suction-cup base. Stick it to the floor, the tub, or a mirror. It features a life-like, movable foreskin that slides back like the real thing. It's like a little taste of Europe, for only $29.99.

Made from TPR.

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