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Ultra Stopper Ring

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  • Body safe TPR
  • 1.5" tall by 1.75" wide
  • Customizes the depth of penetration
  • Quick facts
    The Ultra Stopper Ring is designed to make sex more comfortable for her by customizing and reducing the depth of penetration with a soft body-safe ring!
    Item Description

    As a society, we’re pretty acutely aware of the problems of having a small penis. We’re constantly bombarded with messages that having a small penis is a problem: like the ubiquitous late-night commercials for “male enhancement” pills, or the jokes in every amateur stand-up comedy routine, or that time when we as a society got our pants pulled down in gym class by our crush and she grabbed the wrong waistband and everyone started laughi…. Erm, nevermind. Forget that last one.

    But what not everyone realizes is that the opposite can be a problem, too. You might not hear about it nearly as often, but sometimes, a penis really can be too big. Of course, most guys might like to think their dick is too big for their partner to handle, and most of the time that just means he needs to get his ego in check. But there are rare occasions when it actually is an issue. Some examples of these occasions are:

    • Having sex with a woman suffering from certain medical conditions which result in an unusually tight or narrow vagina
    • Trying anal sex with someone who is inexperienced
    • The cervix is sore or injured from previous sexual encounters (like, say, if you and your partner try to go at it a dozen times in a day)

    And this isn’t even an exhaustive list - there are many situations when you might not want the full depth of penetration that your partner is capable of. In those instances, no need to shame him for having a big dick (and good luck creating any feeling other than pride over that, anyways) - just throw the Ultra Stopper Ring on there, relax, and enjoy.

    The Ultra Stopper Ring is a stretchy, durable, and comfortable ring made of body-safe TPR. This soft and squishy material allows it to achieve the desired effect without reducing his sensation or causing him any discomfort. The ring is 1.5 inches tall, so it will effectively reduce the size of his member by 1.5 inches to make things more comfortable for you. The inner opening of the ring is about 1.75 inches wide, so unless his penis is as girthy as it is long, it should fit him comfortably without any issue. With this thick, seamless, stretchy Stopper Ring, you will never need to worry about his dick being too big again.

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