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Trojan Naturalamb Lambskin Condoms - Perfect for Latex Allergy Sufferers SALE
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Trojan Naturalamb Lambskin Condoms - 10 Pack

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SKU: BC113-9260
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  • Made of lambskin
  • A looser fit than a latex condom
  • Protects against pregnancy, but not STDs
  • Kling-tite band holds condom securely in place
Quick facts
Trojan Naturalamb lambskin condoms are the finest lambskin condoms available. These condoms help prevent pregnancy, but do not protect against sexually transmitted diseases. An excellent choice for those with latex allergies. Have Trojan Naturalamb condoms shipped straight to your door from
Item Description
The Naturalamb brand condom is different from a latex condom. Because it is made from a natural membrane, you will find it has its own special feeling
of sensitivity.

Each Naturalamb brand condom is tested to help ensure reliability and individually packaged for ease of use.

Naturalamb brand condoms are lubricated with a unique "jelly-type"
lubricant, and then rolled for your further comfort and convenience. Naturalamb brand condoms also have the exclusive Kling-Tite band
at the top for added safety.

10 Rolled Natural Skin Condoms from The World's Most Private Store.

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