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A Triple Rabbit Vibrator That Thrusts SALE

A Triple Rabbit Vibrator That Thrusts

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Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to be dazzled by the A Triple Rabbit Vibrator That Thrusts, also known as the A&E Eves Thrusting TripleJoy Rabbit! This sensational performer is here to give you an unforgettable show, with not one, not two, but three shafts.

Features that will leave you in ecstasy:

- Thrusting Twirling Triple Shaft Design: This vibrator is like a one-person pleasure act with three motors! The main shaft's head twirls with tickling beads while it thrusts in and out, providing life-like internal sensations that will have you in stitches of pleasure.

- Rotating Beads and Twisting Motion: It's as if the vibrator has a mind of its own, with 3-speed rotating beads and a twisting motion inside the main shaft that will keep you guessing and gasping.

- Powerful Vibrating Rabbit Stimulator: The flexible rabbit stimulator packs a punch with 10-speeds of powerful vibrations, providing intense external stimulation to push you over the edge.

- Beaded Anal Shaft: As if that's not enough, a tapered anal bead shaft buzzes to explore your back door, one bead at a time or all at once, giving you a backstage pass to pleasure.

- Easy-to-Use Control Panel: With a simple 3-button control panel that lights up when in use, it's as user-friendly as it gets.

- Phthalate and Latex-Free Materials: Crafted from smooth silicone and ABS plastic, it's clean and free from harmful phthalates and latex.

- Waterproof and Submersible: This vibrator is adventurous, ready for action in the water, ensuring your playtime is splish-splash fantastic.

Now, let's take a look at the specifications of this sensational performer:

- Product Dimensions: It measures 10" long, 1.58" wide, with a 5.5" insertable length and 0.5" thrusting length.

- Made from Smooth Silicone: Crafted from smooth silicone and ABS plastic, it's as luxurious as it gets.

- Magnetic Rechargeable: Charging is easy, thanks to the included magnetic rechargeable USB cable.

Ladies and gentlemen, the A Triple Rabbit Vibrator That Thrusts is not just a pleasure product; it's your ticket to a world of ecstasy. So, why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary pleasure? Get ready to moan your way to bliss with this sensational triple-threat!

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