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The Tongue Dinger Tongue Vibrator

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SKU: 26153
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  • A vibrating tongue ring for oral sex
  • Fits snug onto any tongue
  • 40 minutes plus of vibrating pleasure
  • Batteries included
Quick facts
The Tongue Dinger is a little oral sex vibrator that lasts longer than you can. This vibe fits on any tongue and is sure to provide a new pleasure experience for men or women. Let ship the Tongue Dinger to you discreetly.
Item Description
The Tongue Dinger is a tongue vibrator that is amazingly handy to have around during oral sex. This little vibrator encased in purple jelly will turn your ordinary tongue into a Super Pleasure Tongue!

The Dinger has pleasure nubbies and a jelly loop to stick the tongue into. It kind of fits on there like a ring and a finger.

This mighty thing will keep on buzzing long after you've grown tired. There is also an easy on-off switch to make sure that this fun little toy never ruins the mood. Batteries are included, and the Dinger offers more than 40 minutes of powerful vibrating pleasure.

Tired tongue? Let the Tongue Dinger take over.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews

Absolutely amazing! A good addition to enhance the tongue! Does slip off the tongue a lot, but improvise! The sensation is amazing!

this product really sucks i

this product really sucks it slides off the tongue to easily. i bought this and tried using it with my partner both of us couldn\'t get it to work for us. we weren\'t to pleased with this product. its just sitting in the drawer not being used

Just what my guy and

Just what my guy and I needed to spice things up once in a while. :)

I actually bought this to

I actually bought this to use on my husband and he was quite surprised that night and kept saying "oh my god what the hell is that", it did slip off my tongue a couple times but I just left it in my mouth while sucking him. He enjoyed it and I enjoyed watching and listening to him.

Can\'t wait to try this

Can\'t wait to try this on my sexy man! He\'s quiet (d/t kids in the house) but I wanna make him vocal when kids are gone. I think this will do it.

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