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The Stash Cat - Hide Your Vibrators SALE
The Stash Cat - Hides Your Vibrators SALE
The Stash Cat SALE
Hide Your Vibrators SALE
The Stash Cat - Hide Your Vibrators SALE

The Stash Cat

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  • Private and Discreet
  • Soft and Cuddly
  • Vibrator Included
  • Quick facts
    The Stash Cat is a cute and convenient way to hide your vibrators and sex toys in plain sight, and no one will have any idea they're in there!
    Item Description

    These days, there are lots of discreet vibrators with a nondescript outer casing that makes it hard to tell what the object is. There are even some that disguise themselves as other objects, like the ever-popular Lipstick Vibrators. Either way, it isn’t obvious just by looking at them that they’re sex toys, making it much easier for you to keep your private affairs private.

    There are also lots and lots of vibrators that are totally obvious just by looking at them. Most sex toy designers prioritize other things like intense power, a quiet sound level, or adding lots of advanced features, and discreet appearance isn’t anywhere near the top of their list of important qualities. And for some styles of vibrators, like Rabbit Vibrators, there’s really no way you could possibly design them that wouldn’t make them scream “sex toy!”

    Fortunately, there’s a solution that works for just about any sex toy, except the gigantic rideable ones: hide them. This can be as easy as shoving them at the back of your sock drawer or burying them in the closet, but if you’re worried about nosy kids, roommates, or other would-be-snoopers, those ordinary hiding spots might not be secure enough. Worst of all, they might discover your secrets by accident when they’re looking for something else, like their christmas presents (in your kids’ case) or the vinyl records they let you borrow last month (in your roommates’ case) or some loose cash you won’t notice missing (in either case).

    That’s why the safest solution is to hide your sex toys somewhere no one would ever think to look: inside a stuffed animal. Nobody expects Mr. Snuggles to be packing the heat. This cuddly cat is the perfect way to hide your vibe in plain sight while leaving all your snoopy cohabitants none the wiser. Just make sure, if you have kids, you don’t get it mixed up with their stuffed animals!

    This doll stands only 7 inches tall, so it won’t fit every vibrator out there, but most shapes and styles will fit inside the secret storage compartment. Better yet, it even comes with its own hard-shell clitoral vibrator!

    Machine washable, details on tag. Included vibrator takes 1 AA battery (battery not included).

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