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Slipper Stuff Gel Lube - 2 oz. SALE

Slipper Stuff Gel Lube - 2 oz.

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Presenting the Slipper Stuff Gel Lube - 2 oz., the lubricant so slippery, it's like trying to wrestle a greased pig at a barn dance! This Slippery Stuff 2 oz. Gel Tube is your ticket to a lubed-up adventure like no other, and it's even better for travel.


- Paraben-Free Wonder: Our Gel formula, adorned with a charming blue label, was originally created for the medical community. It's not just any gel; it's a gel that knows how to stay put.

- Medical Marvel: For over two decades, medical professionals, sex therapists, and women's health experts have been singing the praises of Slippery Stuff Gel, knowing that it's a healthier choice for all your lubrication needs.

- Slippery Sensation: Slippery Stuff Gel personal lubricant takes human contact to new heights of pleasure. It's water-based, water-soluble, safe, hygienic, odorless, non-staining, and long-lasting.

- Glycerin-Free: Say goodbye to dryness with Slippery Stuff Gel. It's as hydrating as a desert oasis, minus the mirages.

- Silky, Safe, and Satisfaction Guaranteed: With Slippery Stuff Gel, you'll feel as smooth as a slick cowboy in a spaghetti western. Plus, satisfaction is guaranteed.

- De-ionized water
- Polyoxyethylene
- Sodium carbomer
- Phenoxyethanol
- Ethylhexyglycerin

So, whether you're planning a wild adventure or just need a little extra slip in your step, the Slipper Stuff Gel Lube - 2 oz. is here to make your lubrication dreams come true!

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