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Skwert - Medium Sized Enema Bulb - 8 oz. SALE

Skwert - Medium Sized Enema Bulb - 8 oz.

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Behold, the Skwert - Medium Sized Enema Bulb - 8 oz., a comedic masterpiece of hygiene. This medium-sized 8 oz. enema bulb is the ideal companion for your travels, ensuring that you stay squeaky clean while you journey through life.


- Bulb Size: Measuring a generous 4" x 3", this 8 oz. bodysafe PVC bulb is like the clown car of enema bulbs – it fits more cleanliness than you'd ever imagine!

- Three's Company: The Skwert Medium 8 oz. comes complete with not one, not two, but three unique hygienic translucent wands, ready to join the circus of cleansing.
- Soft Silicone: One wand is as soft as a marshmallow, offering a gentle touch for your delicate moments.
- Deep Cleaning ABS Plastic: Another wand, made from deep cleaning ABS plastic, ensures that no dirt or debris can escape its thorough cleansing.
- Firm Easy Insert ABS Plastic: The third wand, also made of ABS plastic, is here for those who prefer a firm and easy insertion.

- Dimensions:
- Bulb: 4" x 3" - 8 oz
- Thin Tip Wand: 3.3" x 3" - 1 Hole
- Silicone Wand: 4.2" x 5" - 1 Hole
- Thin Tip Wand: 5.4" x 5" - 8 Holes

With these dimensions, you'll be armed to tackle even the most labyrinthine twists and turns of your cleansing journey.

Cleaning your Skwert is as simple as pie. Just use mild soap and water. Plus, it's compatible with all types of lube, so you can glide through your hygiene routine with ease.

In conclusion, the Skwert - Medium Sized Enema Bulb - 8 oz. is the sidekick you've been waiting for on your quest for cleanliness. So, pack it up, hit the road, and let the cleanliness ensue!

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Totally private

Site Review: They make sure your personal information stays private and safe.


Its a good bulb, I used it to clean myself out before getting romantic with my partner. 3 flushes seems to do the trick.

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