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A Flogger Made of Rope SALE

A Flogger Made of Rope

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Behold the SS S&M Shadow Rope Flogger Black – the tool that says, "Why settle for a casual tickle when you can make an entrance with a dramatic entrance?" This rope flogger from Sportsheets Sex & Mischief is not just an accessory; it's a performance piece that brings a touch of theatrical flair to your bedroom escapades.

Product Features:
- Tickle or tease with frayed falls – because sometimes, a gentle touch is the prelude to a sensational act
- Flogger frayed at the bottom for a different look and feel – because why conform when you can stand out in the world of pleasure accessories
- 18 in. total length – ensuring that your flogging endeavors cover all the bases
- 14 in. frayed falls – for a cascade of sensations that's as mesmerizing as a waterfall
- 3.5 in. handle – because every masterpiece needs a director, and in this case, it's your capable hands

Let's talk about the tickle or tease feature – it's not just an option; it's like having a menu of sensations at your fingertips. Whether you're in the mood for a gentle caress or a more dramatic entrance, this rope flogger caters to your every whim.

And then there's the flogger frayed at the bottom – a design choice that's not just rebellious; it's downright avant-garde. It's the flogger that says, "I'm here to make a statement, not just blend into the background." Because why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary in the form of frayed falls?

With an 18 in. total length, this rope flogger ensures that your performance covers all the bases. The 14 in. frayed falls are not just lengths of rope; they're the cascade of sensations that adds rhythm and drama to your intimate act.

Now, the 3.5 in. handle – it's not just a handle; it's the director's chair in the theater of pleasure. Your hands take center stage, orchestrating the movements and intensity of the rope flogger, turning your bedroom into a stage for an unforgettable performance.

So, whether you're an experienced player in the world of BDSM or a curious newcomer, the SS S&M Shadow Rope Flogger Black is here to add a touch of drama, flair, and a hint of rebellion to your intimate moments. Because in the world of pleasure, why settle for the ordinary when you can command attention with a flogger made of rope that knows how to make an entrance?

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Customer Reviews

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Pretty good

It's OK. It's a flogger made of rope.

Great selection

Site review: I love the selection. Worth a visit every once in a while just to see what is new.

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