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An Asslock - The Renegade Slingshot 2 SALE

An Asslock - The Renegade Slingshot 2

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Item Description
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Introducing the Renegade Slingshot 2 – the asslock that's about to take your pleasure to the next level. With its sleek teal design, it's more than just a toy; it's your ticket to a wild, prostate-stimulating adventure!

Ready, Aim, Fire!: Prepare to embark on an exhilarating journey as you put your cock into the slingshot and get ready to blast off. The Renegade Slingshot 2 is no ordinary toy; it's designed to elevate your pleasure game to the stars!

Dual Delight: This incredible device serves a dual function. Not only does it hug your cock and balls, but it's also expertly crafted to stimulate your prostate. It's like having a personal pleasure assistant right where you need it most!

Remote-Controlled Ecstasy: Say goodbye to manual adjustments and fumbling around. The Renegade Slingshot 2 comes with a handy remote control that puts you in charge of your pleasure. Leave all your troubles behind as you navigate through a world of pleasure with ease.

Rechargeable Wonder: No need to worry about running out of batteries in the heat of the moment. This asslock is rechargeable, ensuring that you're always ready for liftoff. It's environmentally friendly and wallet-friendly – a win-win situation!

Water-Resistant Adventure: Take your pleasure to the bath or shower, as this toy is water-resistant. Explore new horizons and get wet and wild with the Renegade Slingshot 2. Cleanup is a breeze too, thanks to its user-friendly design.

Premium Silicone: Crafted from premium silicone, this asslock feels smooth and sensual against your skin. It's body-safe and phthalate-free, ensuring your pleasure comes with peace of mind.

Product Dimensions:
- Length: 4.72 inches
- Width: 1.3 inches
- Height: 4.02 inches

Package Dimensions:
- Length: 8.23 inches
- Width: 5.24 inches
- Height: 2.4 inches

Insertable Dimensions:
- Length: 3.94 inches
- Width: 1.3 inches

Light as a Feather: With a weight of just 6.70 ounces, this asslock is light enough to carry with you wherever your adventures take you. It's the perfect companion for your travels, whether you're exploring the galaxy or just your own pleasure.

So, are you ready to take your pleasure to new heights? The Renegade Slingshot 2 in teal is your trusty sidekick for unforgettable, prostate-stimulating adventures. Get ready to launch into a world of pleasure that's out of this world!

Product Features:
- Dual Function: Cock Ring & Prostate Stimulator
- Remote-Controlled for Effortless Pleasure
- Rechargeable for Endless Fun
- Water-Resistant for Bath and Shower Play
- Premium Silicone for a Smooth Sensual Feel
- Dimensions: 4.72 x 1.3 x 4.02 inches
- Weight: 6.70 ounces

Blast off into pleasure with the Renegade Slingshot 2 – because sometimes, you just need a little extra pleasure in your life!

Note:'s Privacy promise: We keep it confidential: discreet packaging, discreet billing.

Customer Reviews

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All of it

This does it all and I'm here for it. I want the sensation of the super erection I get from the ring and I want the plug in my ass, so why not connect the two products for all of the sensations

Not Amazon

Site review: I share an Amazon account with my family. I shop here for the privacy.

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