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OverTime Delay Cream - Helps You Last Longer SALE
Wicked OT Overtime Delay Cream for Men SALE
Overtime Delay Cream Ingredients SALE

OverTime Delay Cream - Last Longer

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  • OverTime Delay Cream
  • A numbing cream for premature ejaculation
  • Helps you last longer
Quick facts
OverTime Delay Cream is a numbing cream for men that helps prevent premature ejaculation. Get it at, where we never share your personal information with anyone.
Item Description
Overtime Delay Cream is a numbing cream that can help you stay harder and last longer during sex. This cream helps to prevent premature ejaculation with 5% benzocaine, a numbing agent.

Some creams we sell contain more benzocaine or lidocaine. The makers of Overtime use a smaller amount of numbing agent so that you can still enjoy sex, while lasting longer.

Massage a small amount of delay cream into the head and shaft of the penis 5-10 minutes before intercourse.

30 mL/1.0 fl. oz.
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