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Nipplicious Nipple Arousal Gel - Get Tasty, Tingly Nipples SALE
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Nipplicious Flavored Nipple Arousal Gel SALE

Nipplicious Nipple Arousal Gel

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  • Nipplicious Nipple Arousal Gel
  • Get tasty, tingly nipples
  • Strawberry Cupcake flavor
Quick facts
Nipplicious Nipple Arousal Gel is a menthol gel that makes nipples tingly and tasty. Have ship Nipplicious right to your door with the most private shipping practices available.
Item Description
Want more nipple play during foreplay? Let your lover know with Nipplicious Nipple Arousal Gel. This strawberry cupcake flavored nipple arousal gel invites your lover to lick, suck and tease your nipples. They'll get a tasty mouthful, and you'll love the heightened sensation you feel when this menthol gel is licked.

Stimulate your nipples to the extreme with this tingly, tasty nipple arouser. Spread it on, lick it off and enjoy the sexy sensations.

1 oz.
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