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Any Nipple-Owners Will Love These Silicone Nipple Vibrators SALE
Silicone Nipple Vibrators SALE
Hands-Free Nipple Vibes SALE
Pair of Nipple Vibrators SALE

Adjustable Vibrating Silicone Nipple Teasers

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The Nipple Vibrators are adjustable to fit on your nipples. Get them at, where we ship in brown paper boxes and never email you after the sale.
Quick facts
  • Nipple Vibrators
  • Adjustable, silicone vibrators
  • Batteries included
Item Description
Want to encase your nipples in vibration? Of course you do! The Silicone Nipple Vibrators are adjustable nipple vibrators in black, for men or women. These Nipple Vibrators are cordless, and made of soft silicone for comfort.

The Silicone Nipple Vibrators give you hands-free stimulation. They are perfect for solo play or fun with a lover. Simply place your nipple inside the loop, and pull the cinch to adjust the tension. Remove from the sleeve to replace the included LR41 batteries.
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