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LELO BEADS - Luxury Kegel Balls SALE

LELO BEADS - Luxury Kegel Balls

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Immerse yourself in the privacy of – the world's most private store. Uncover a carefully curated range of products that prioritize your discretion while solving your most personal problems.

Introducing the LELO BEADS – the miniature marvels that bring a touch of luxury to your Kegel exercise routine. These aren't just your run-of-the-mill beads; they're the discreet trainers for women who appreciate a workout that's both pleasurable and beneficial. Slip into a world where your sensuality and health join forces, creating a symphony of delightful sensations that could make any workout routine envy the attention.

Features to Tantalize:
- Double Trouble: The set includes two pairs of beads, one weighing 28g and the other 37g, giving you the flexibility to choose the intensity of your workout.
- Girly Glamour: Adorned in a delightful Blue/Pink combo, these beads are not just a workout tool; they're a fashion statement for your intimate collection.
- Glossy Goodness: Crafted with a glossy finish, the LELO BEADS bring a touch of sophistication to your fitness routine.

A Workout with Benefits:
- Muscle Mastery: LELO Beads™ are your discreet companions in Kegel exercising, working to strengthen the vaginal wall and PC muscles. They don't just promise a workout; they promise a workout-induced tingly sensation for added pleasure.
- Convenient Comfort: Worn with ease, these beads ensure a comfortable workout that effortlessly fits into your routine, no matter how hectic it may be.
- Health Perks: Beyond the pleasure, these beads offer health benefits, improving bladder control for women of all ages. It's a workout that transcends the physical to embrace the holistic.

Specifications to Marvel:
- Material Mix: Crafted with care from ABS Plastic and Silicone, ensuring body-safe workouts.
- Dimensions Delight: With a mini-diameter of 29mm and a girdle size of 75 x 30 x 10mm, these beads are your discreet fitness companions.
- Weight Watchers: Weighing in at 28g and 37g, these beads make sure you're in control of your workout intensity.

Box of Secrets:
- LELO Beads Mini™
- Satin Storage Pouch
- Warranty Registration Card
- Detailed Instruction Manual

Elevate your workout routine with the LELO BEADS – the ultimate fusion of pleasure, health, and a touch of elegance. It's not just a workout; it's a lifestyle upgrade in every sense.

Note:'s Privacy promise: Discreet delivery: unmarked box, discreet credit card billing.
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