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Kitty Carpet Merkin - Pink SALE
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Kitty Carpet Merkin - Pink

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Item Description
Ever find yourself in the rare situation where your lack of pubic hair became an embarrassment instead of a hard-earned achievement? The Kitty Carpet can help you solve this unique problem. Kitty Carpet is a soft, adhesive merkin that fits over your pubic area to supply you with pubic hair when you need it most.

Going to the beach with your grandmother? Dating an Amish guy? Filming a nude scene in a 1920s period piece? The Kitty Carpet can give back a piece of what nature intended you to have.

Or maybe your carpet just doesn't match the drapes. That's one of the reasons the Kitty Carpet is available in Black, Blonde and Pink.

Cover your lady bits with a Kitty Carpet in any situation where you don't want to show the full monty. Just cut the carpet to your desired size and shape, and use the included skin-safe adhesive to stick it to your kitty.

This is the Pink Kitty Carpet. For Blonde or Black, scroll down.
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