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Japanese Drip Candles - BDSM Candles SALE

Japanese Drip Candles - BDSM Candles

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Light up your boudoir shenanigans with "Japanese Drip Candles - BDSM Candles," the perfect blend of pleasure and a teeny bit of pain for those who like their romance with a side of risqué. These aren't your grandma's scented candles for a cozy night in; they're your passport to the thrilling world of temperature play!

These Japanese Drip Candles come in a tantalizing trio of colors: Red, Purple, and Black. They're like the traffic lights of bedroom play - red for hot, purple for hotter, and black for "Oh my, is it getting warm in here?" Perfect for those who find vanilla a bit too... vanilla.

Let's wax poetic about the features of these sizzling sticks:
  • Colorful Trio: Comes in Red, Purple, and Black, because variety is the spice of life (and the bedroom).
  • Hot Wax Play: Designed for 'pleasure and pain' play, adding a sizzle to your snuggle.
  • For the Experienced: Best enjoyed by those who already have a map of the territory (a.k.a. experienced players).
  • Non-Toxic Wax: Safe for skin, ensuring that your steamy escapades are as risk-free as they are fun.
  • Made in America: Proudly produced in the USA, because even your kink deserves homegrown quality.
  • Perfect Circumference: At 2.51 inches, these candles are just the right size to hold onto while things heat up.

In a world where bedroom antics can sometimes feel a tad too tepid, "Japanese Drip Candles - BDSM Candles" stand out as a lighthearted yet intense way to add some heat. They're not just candles; they're an adventure in wax, waiting to drip, drop, and delight in ways you've only dreamed of. So, light up, drip down, and turn the temperature of your love life from lukewarm to lava-hot!

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Customer Reviews

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Good temp

These seem to melt at a good temperature. They don't really burn you, they just feel really hot. Seems like someone has figured it all out.

Not Amazon

Site review: I share an Amazon account with my family. I shop here for the privacy.

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