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Happy Hiney Anal Relaxer / Comfort Cream SALE

Happy Hiney Anal Relaxer / Comfort Cream

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Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to meet your new best friend in the world of adventurous play – The Happy Hiney Anal Relaxer / Comfort Cream! This cream is the sidekick you need to keep your hiney cheerful and content, even when things get a little, well, tight.

Features of Happy Hiney Anal Relaxer / Comfort Cream:
  • Cherry-Scented Charm: With a delightful cherry scent, this cream sets a great mood for a fun and exciting adventure.
  • Relaxation Revolution: Designed to be applied before anal penetration, this cream takes on the role of a master relaxer, helping to ease those muscles and reduce friction, making your playtime smoother.
  • Oral-Friendly Formula: It plays nice with oral activities, so there's no need to worry about any unexpected taste surprises. So if your partner wants to eat ass as part of foreplay, they can.
  • Latex Love: Safe to use with latex, this cream ensures compatibility with your favorite protection methods.

The Happy Hiney Anal Relaxer / Comfort Cream is your secret weapon for turning your nervous moments into successful adventures, making sure that your hiney stays happy and comfortable throughout the performance. Remember, it's all about enhancing the experience, not masking pain. Pain during anal play is a signal that something's not right. So, let's keep things safe and enjoyable, shall we? Grab The Happy Hiney today and get ready to embark on a journey of pleasant sensations and comfort!

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Nice when trying to do things back there

It made the whole experience better

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