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A Kit of Lotions & Potions for Good Head - Strawberry Flavor SALE

A Kit of Lotions & Potions for Good Head - Strawberry Flavor

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Introducing the "A Kit of Lotions & Potions for Good Head - Strawberry Flavor"! This delightful ensemble is here to transform your oral adventures into a masterpiece that will leave your lady feeling like the head honcho.

Key Features That Will Leave You Tongue-Tied
  • This kit is the Good Head Kit for Her, and it's about to take you on a journey of pleasure that's sweeter than a strawberry sundae on a hot summer day.
  • Get ready to pamper those lips with flavored Good Head lip balm, because who doesn't want their smooching skills to be in prime condition? It's like giving your lips a VIP pass to the oral giving party!
  • The delicious Strawberry flavored oral gel will have you diving down there for seconds and thirds. It's so good; you'll think you're in a strawberry patch in the middle of a fruit frenzy!
  • For an added twist of excitement, pop one of the oral sex tingling mints into your mouth to increase your partner's sensitivity. It's like a sparkler for your taste buds, igniting pleasure with each tingle!
  • Slip on the one-size-fits-all disposable vibrating tongue ring, and watch their ecstasy soar to new heights. It's like having a tiny, silent, pleasure-inducing vibrator in your mouth!
  • And if you think you're already a master of the craft, don't worry; the kit includes the Good Head for HER tips card, so you can learn some new tricks!

Kit Includes:
  • 1 FL. OZ. (29.6 ml) Strawberry flavored Good Head Oral Gel
  • 4-Pack of Tingling Good Head oral sex mints
  • Flavored Good Head lip balm
  • Vibrating Tongue ring (2 cell batteries included)
  • Good Head tips card

So, if you're ready to turn average head into Good Head and treat your partner to an oral experience that's as sweet and satisfying as a strawberry dream, the "A Kit of Lotions & Potions for Good Head - Strawberry Flavor" is your ticket to an unforgettable blow job performance. Get ready to pucker up and make every moment a mouthwatering memory!

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Customer Reviews

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Great kit

Who knew they made all this stuff. I didn't so when I saw all of it I just went for the kit. Always go with the combo. Lots to try for not a lot.

Quick Private

Site review: Always quick, always private. I like shopping here.

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