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The Gender X Thrusting, Rotating Rabbit Vibrator SALE

The Gender X Thrusting, Rotating Rabbit Vibrator

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Introducing the Gender X Thrusting, Rotating Rabbit Vibrator, the charismatic virtuoso of pleasure that's here to shake up your world with a symphony of thrusts, rotations, and vibrations. This tall, smooth, and rechargeable rabbit vibe is not just your ordinary bedside companion; it's a gender-bending maestro ready to orchestrate a performance that will leave you breathless.

Features That Make the Gender X Thrusting, Rotating Rabbit Vibrator a Showstopper:

- Thrusting Wonder: Get ready for a night of unrelenting passion as this rabbit vibe thrusts with a supple and textured tip. The accordion center stretches in and out, creating a mesmerizing dance that's sure to captivate your senses.

- Rotating Beads: Unveil the secrets of pleasure with rotating beads in the shaft. These beads churn and spin with an erotic rhythm, delivering a massage that will leave you craving encore after encore.

- Powerful Vibrations: The rabbit shaft comes equipped with bunny ears that just won't quit. With 10 powerful vibrating speeds and functions, this charismatic rabbit stimulator takes pleasure to new heights.

- Ergonomic Controls: Take charge of your pleasure with ergonomic controls that let you customize your experience on the go. Find the perfect combination of thrusts, rotations, and vibrations for a mind-melting experience.

- Fully Submersible: Dive into a world of aquatic ecstasy as this rabbit vibrator is fully submersible. Whether it's the bathtub or a private pool, the Gender X Thrusting, Rotating Rabbit Vibrator is ready to make a splash.

- Body-Safe Construction: Crafted from body-safe smooth silicone and detailed with black chrome-finished ABS plastic, this rabbit vibrator ensures a velvety touch against your skin. It's phthalate and latex-free, prioritizing your safety and pleasure.

- Dimensions and Weight: Standing at 9.8 inches tall with an insertable length of 5 inches and a diameter of 1.4 inches, this vibrator boasts a substantial presence. Weighing over half a pound, it's a heavyweight champion in the realm of pleasure.

- Magnetic Rechargeable: Bid farewell to batteries. The Gender X Thrusting, Rotating Rabbit Vibrator comes with a magnetic rechargeable USB cable, ensuring you're always ready for an encore performance.

The Gender X Thrusting, Rotating Rabbit Vibrator is not just a sex toy; it's a gender-neutral virtuoso breaking down barriers and delivering pleasure without compromise. Whether you're in the mood for thrusts, rotations, or vibrations, this charismatic performer is ready to take center stage in your intimate repertoire. So, sit back, relax, and let the Gender X Rabbit Vibrator steal the show!

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Customer Reviews

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Heidi J.
The Thrust Is A Must!

I've always loved a good rabbit vibrator, but this thrusting Jack Rabbit takes it a whole new level. Not only does your g-spot and clitoris get the attention it deserves, but this thing thrusts while it's stimulating you. Feels a lot like the real thing, which is what I'm always chasing. Love it.


This rabbit thrusts, tickles, vibrates, stimulates and escalates in all the right spots and at all the right times. Most vibrators leave me a little underwhelmed, but not the Jack Rabbit! My all time fave.


I had a different rabbit fibrator before but it just wiggled, this one thrusts, which is what god intinded.


I didn’t expect to be this fast when I first got it, but it was so quick along with every encore that followed. I’m in awe with this thing. Best of all it was such a banging deal (50% less than other places online and in-store) and it arrived in just a few days + 1 day earlier than estimated. Unbelievable!

Doesn't Get Much Better Than This

Pure fantabulous pleasure. Hits you from all sides - the thrusting, the clit stimulator, the vibrations. It feels like an explosion in all the right spots. I find myself holding on for dear life.

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