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Fuck Water Four Oz Water-Based Lube SALE

Fuck Water - Water-based Lube

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  • Fuck Water Lube
  • Water-based lube
  • 4.05 fl. oz.
Quick facts
Fuck Water Lube is a water-based lubricant that was made for anal sex. Get this direct lubricant at, where we never add you to any lists or email you after the sale.
Item Description
Fuck Water Lube is straight up and to the point. When your lover (or dominatrix, as it were) pulls out a bottle of Fuck Water Lube, there is no question as to what is about to happen.

You're about to get f*cked.

Fuck Water is a water-based lube that is condom friendly, glycerin-free, paraben-free and non-staining. This lube is perfect for anal sex, or any type of sex: vaginal, sex toy play, or sex with your dominatrix.

Just don't drink it.

120 ml/4.05 fl. oz.
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