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The Ergoflo Impulse Enema SALE

The Ergoflo Impulse Enema

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Ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourselves for the The Ergoflo Impulse Enema! This enema bulb can have you cleaned out and ready for anything.

Features of The Ergoflo Impulse Enema:
  • Lightning-Fast Setup: Just like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat, The Impulse sets up in mere seconds, saving you precious time for more important matters.
  • Water-Tight Wonder: With a tight design this enema guarantees leak-proof performance, so you can focus on the main act without any unwelcome surprises.
  • All-American: Crafted in the good ol' USA, using bio-based PVC and polypropylene, this enema is as patriotic as a bald eagle wearing a top hat and monocle.
  • Standards of quality: The Impulse doesn't just meet standards; it meets EN71-3 standards.

The Ergoflo Impulse Enema is the compact, easy, and reliable enema bulb you never knew you needed. It's ready to deliver a flawless performance every time. So, why let life's surprises catch you off guard when you can be armed with The Impulse? Grab yours now, and get ready to be completely clean whenever you want.

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Customer Reviews

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prepare for anal

I used it to prepare for anal. The first time we tried anal there was a lot of poop, so then I started useing a enema and no more poop because it all gets flushed out before.


Site review: I know a lot of the stuff here is funny, but I found something I really needed and it arrived quickly. Nice.

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