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The Ergoflo Extra Enema SALE

The Ergoflo Extra Enema

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Behold, The Ergoflo Extra Enema! It's not just an enema; it's a cleansing masterpiece waiting to happen. This anal douche is designed to make your cleansing experience so smooth and efficient that you'll be clean and happy..

Features of The Ergoflo Extra Enema:
  • Medical-Grade Marvel: The contoured bulb is medical grade and features air valve technology that reduces messy back-flow. Say goodbye to unnecessary refills and hello to efficiency.
  • Tip-Top Tips: The Extra doesn't come empty-handed; it brings along a premium 5-inch ABS plastic tip that's great for complete cleaning, and a 3-inch stowaway tip that is easier to insert.
  • Standards of Approval: The Extra doesn't just meet standards; it meets EN71-3 standards. Not many enemas meet international standards like this one.

The Ergoflo Extra Enema is the cleaning companion you've always dreamed of but never knew existed. Say goodbye to messy mishaps and hello to complete cleanliness. Grab yours now and be prepared for an enema experience that's nothing short of a standing ovation!

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