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Enemeez Plus - A Mini Enema with Anesthetic - 30 ct. SALE
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Enemeez Plus - 30 per pack SALE

Enemeez Plus Mini Enema

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  • Enemeez Plus for bowel evacuation
  • Not habit-forming
  • Perfect for spinal cord patients
Quick facts
If you were a Therevac user we understand your situation. Enemeez Plus is a direct replacement for Theravac Plus. Enemeez Plus enemas are disposable and feature an anesthetic to make each enema insertion as comfortable as possible.
Item Description
Enemeez Plus is a new mini enema and bowel evacuant that includes an anesthetic. This is useful if you suffer from pain and discomfort when you need to complete your bowel evacuation.

Enemeez Plus is a direct replacement for the discontinued Therevac Plus. It contains the same active and inactive ingredients. Enemeez Plus offers one advantage over Therevac Plus. Enemeez Plus is easier to use. Rather than having to cut them open, Enemeez Plus has a twist off top.

Enemeez Plus also ship in a plastic jar which is less prone to breakage than the glass jar the Therevac Plus were contained in.

So, if your doctor has you on a bowel evacuation schedule (daily or every other day) and you are suffering cramping or discomfort from it, you might want to try Enemeez Plus. If you don't have problems with pain or cramping but you require a mini enema for bowel evacuation, try Enemeez, a slightly less expensive product without the anesthetic.

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