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Endurance Condoms - Help You Last Longer - 3 pack SALE

Endurance Condoms - Help You Last Longer - 3 pack

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Dive into the discretion at, where your shopping preferences remain your own secret. Indulge in a secure and private environment, ensuring your peace of mind.

Introducing the "Endurance Condoms" – the heroes that are here to help you last longer in the spotlight of passion! It's like having your own personal sidekick in the bedroom, ensuring that the show goes on and on!

Prolonged Pleasure: These condoms are your secret weapon for prolonged pleasure. They're not just your average condoms; they're your endurance allies, ready to make sure the main event lasts as long as an epic sensual show!

Benzocaine Boost: What's their secret? Benzocaine, the ultimate backstage pass to pleasure. This local anesthetic and pain reliever temporarily numbs the area, helping to delay ejaculation and prolonging those standing ovations in bed.

Double Delight: The fun doesn't stop with you – it's a double act! The Benzocaine cream is on the inside, ensuring both you and your partner experience enhanced pleasure. It's a duo that's bound to steal the show.

Pack of Three: These condoms come in a convenient 3-pack, perfect for those repeat performances. With a master carton quantity of 12, you'll have enough to keep the pleasure rolling!

Product Features:
- Lubricated for a great feel
- Contains Benzocaine for extended pleasure
- Package Dimensions: 2 x 2 x 1 inches

So, whether you're a legend in the bedroom or just looking to extend the encore, the "Endurance Condoms" are here to ensure your performance is unforgettable. Get ready for a night of love, and lasting pleasure – it's your time to shine!

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Between the condom and the cream inside it, these made me go limp

Not Amazon

Site review: I share an Amazon account with my family. I shop here for the privacy.

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