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Want to Electrocute and Crush Your Balls? Now You Can. SALE
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Electro Crush Ball Press

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SKU: M-AE277
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  • Made from ABS and Steel
  • Requires a 3v battery (included)
  • 5" x 5.25"
Quick facts
We didn't know that having your balls simultaneously electrocuted and crushed was a fetish, but apparently it is. And now you can fulfill your wildest fantasies with the Electro Crush Ball Press.
Item Description
My mother always taught me that I should be respectful of other people’s beliefs and lifestyle choices, even if they’re different from my own. I always assumed she was just talking about political and religious practices. But today, I realized what she must have really been talking about. She was really trying to tell me, indirectly using words that were appropriate for my 8-year-old ears, “Some people like to have their balls electrocuted and crushed, and you shouldn’t judge them for that.”

And you know, that’s pretty damn good advice. Think about it: everyone you work with, everyone you see at the bar or supermarket, everyone your car idles next to in heavy traffic, might secretly like having their balls electrocuted and crushed. Try to remember that next time somebody cuts you off during rush hour, and I guarantee you won’t be as mad.

If you’re one of those people who likes having your balls electrocuted and crushed, don’t worry, we would never judge you here at ShopInPrivate, even if you cut us off during rush hour. In fact, we salute you. Thanks to you, we get to carry this unusual product that we never would have dreamed even existed. And thanks to us, you can buy the Electro Crush Ball Press completely privately without any fear of nosy neighbors or store employees knowing you did.

The Electro Crush Ball Press consists of two plastic plates which open on a hinge so you can place your balls between them and fit your dick through the hole. Interior pads on the inside of one of these plates deliver electric stimulation in 10 different selectable modes and 6 rhythmic patterns. It features a simple controller on the front which lets you easily change modes and increase or decrease the intensity of the electro-stimulation. There are also two knobs on the front plate which let you adjust the crushing pressure on your balls to best please you.

The Electro Crush Ball Press is made from ABS Plastic and Steel and requires a 3v battery, which is included. It measures 5” long by 5.25” wide.
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