The Big Douche - For Him or Her - Three Nozzles

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  • Big Douche Enema Bulb
  • Eight ounce capacity
  • Three nozzles
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Item Description
The Big Douche is an easy-to-use bulb enema made for him or her. This douche can be used as a vaginal douche or an anal douche (although if you do use it for vaginal douching, buy another to use exclusively for anal douching, to stay clean and hygienic).

Experiment with sensation with the three nozzle options. One nozzle is straight and traditional, while another has a curve and ridges. The other nozzle has texture as well.

Straight nozzle: 5.5 inch length; one inch diameter

Curved nozzle: 4.5 inch length; 1.03 inch diameter

Ridged nozzle: 5.5 inch length; 0.95 inch diameter

The nozzles are made of hard plastic, while the bulb is made of PVC.
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