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Coochy Shaving Cream - Frosted Cake Flavor - 32 oz. SALE

Coochy Shaving Cream - Frosted Cake Flavor - 32 oz.

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Introducing Coochy Shaving Cream in the delightful Frosted Cake flavor – because who said shaving can't be a party? Get ready to embark on a sweet journey as you treat your skin to a scrumptious blend of vanilla buttercream and lilacs. This 32 oz. bottle of indulgence is more than just a shaving cream; it's a celebration of smoothness, sweetness, and irresistible fragrance.

Product Features:

- Frosted Cake Flavor: Infused with the mouthwatering essence of vanilla buttercream and lilacs, turning your shaving routine into a delectable treat.
- Signature Shave Cream: Specially formulated to prevent red bumps, making it perfect for your bikini area, underarms, legs, and any other shaving zones.
- Versatile Use: Gentle enough for both men and women, ensuring a smooth and delightful shaving experience for everyone.
- Dermatologist Tested: Trust the expert-approved formula that keeps your skin smooth, delicately fragranced, and irresistible to the touch.
- Moisturizing Hair Conditioner: Doubles as a gentle hair conditioner, leaving your skin and hair feeling silky and hydrated.
- No-Gluten, No-Parabens: A conscious choice for those who prefer gluten-free and paraben-free skincare products.
- Easy Application: Simply wet your skin, apply a thin layer of Coochy, shave, and rinse – it's that easy!
- Conditioning Hair Treatment: For hair conditioning, shampoo, rinse well, apply Coochy generously, massage, leave on for 1-2 minutes, and rinse thoroughly.
- Caution: For external use only. Avoid the eye area. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Make shaving a delightful experience with Coochy Shaving Cream in Frosted Cake flavor. From its captivating fragrance to its expert formulation, this shaving cream is a party in a bottle, ensuring your skin stays velvety smooth and sweetly scented. Made in the USA, it's time to treat yourself to a shaving sensation that's as sweet as Frosted Cake.

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Customer Reviews

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Giant bottle

I might have bought to much of this stuff. I use very little at a time and don't shave more than twice a week. This bottle might be a ten year supply.

They Care About Privacy

Site Review: This company cares about privacy and so do I.

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