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JO Atomic Clitoral Gel

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  • System JO Clitoral Gel
  • The strongest formulation
  • Made by women for women
Quick facts
Atomic JO Clitoral Gel is the strongest of four clitoral gels. Have ship Atomic JO Clitoral Gel directly to you in plain, unmarked packaging.
Item Description
It's not often that I want the words "atomic" and "clitoral" anywhere near each other, but after using JO's Atomic Strength Clitoral Gel, I'm convinced those two words go hand in hand. JO Atomic Clitoral Gel is an extra-strong female sexual enhancer gel. Gently massage this gel on and around your clitoris and you'll find that the sensation is overwhelming. It is best described as a warm, tingling sensation.

JO Atomic Clitoral Gel is the highest strength clitoral gel you can get, so it is ideal for women who have trouble with arousal or orgasm. It was created by women for women, and is safe for use with condoms. This bottle contains up to 50 applications of clit gel.

JO Clitoral Gel contains no l-arginine, but it does contain peppermint, which accounts for some of the warmth you'll feel when you apply it. It has a pleasant peppermint flavor and a nice, slippery feel. Apply it before sex or during foreplay for increased sensations.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Best stuff I\'ve tried I

Best stuff I\'ve tried I find it so hard to get off but this have me the best sex in years

Very satisfying! Will buy again.

Very satisfying! Will buy again.

I have a large clit,

I have a large clit, the kind you can almost fondle like a belly button. I always use stimulating creams and ointments but this stuff is the best Ive tried so far. I liked light pressure and twisting something around my clit the best.

I felt nothing with this

I felt nothing with this stuff. I rubbed it on for about 10 min and i was slightly sensitive, but not enough to even get close to an orgasm. I was VERY disappointed.

You know those fireballs you

You know those fireballs you chewed as a kid? Atomic fireballs. I think they just sucked out the essence from atomic fireballs and put it in a clit gel. It\'s strong. It\'s so strong it\'s almost uncomfortable. But you know what you do to put out a fire, right? That\'s right. You rub it.

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