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A Chastity Cage Keeps His Penis Captive SALE

A Chastity Cage Keeps His Penis Captive

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Discover the magic of private shopping at, where every purchase is a confidential affair. Explore a vast array of personal items tailored for individuals who value their privacy.

Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves for the FCR Extreme Silicone Cock Blocker, a piece of art that will keep you on the edge of your seats—or, shall we say, your partner's! This chastity cage takes the age-old concept of "lock and key" to a whole new level, leaving his manhood securely under wraps.

Unlock the Fascinating Features of the FCR Extreme Silicone Cock Blocker!

Here's what makes the FCR Extreme the star of the show:
  • High-End Chastity: Crafted from body-safe Silicone, this chastity cage is not just about control; it's designed for comfort during those long-term lock-ups. Your subject deserves nothing but the best, even in captivity!
  • Lightweight and Breathable: This device may be confining, but it's no iron maiden! Lightweight, flexible, and breathable, it ensures that your partner's comfort is not compromised, even when they're under your lock and key.
  • Once Locked, Always Locked: When that lock is applied, there's no escape! No matter how much arousal courses through his veins, the FCR Extreme will keep him obediently flaccid, leaving his desires and frustrations locked away.
  • Stainless Steel Security: An adjustable stainless steel ring wraps around his entire package, ensuring that there's no chance of slipping out of this grip. This cage is in it for the long haul!
  • Convenient Pee-Hole: Worried about bathroom breaks? Fear not! The silicone sleeve includes a discreet pee-hole for convenient urination. Practicality meets pleasure.
  • Undercover Captivity: Don't worry about compromising your partner's secret. The entire device can be discreetly worn under clothing, allowing you to maintain control no matter where you are.
  • For First-Timers and Fetish Enthusiasts: Whether you're just dipping your toes into the world of chastity or you're a seasoned pro, the FCR Extreme Silicone Cock Blocker is the ultimate accessory for both beginners and experienced enthusiasts.

So, if you're ready to embark on a journey of control, desire, and sensual anticipation, it's time to introduce the FCR Extreme Silicone Cock Blocker into your intimate repertoire. Lock away his desires, and let the tantalizing teasing begin! Order yours now and prepare for a captivating adventure like never before!

Note:'s Privacy promise: Your order, shipped and billed discreetly for your complete privacy.

Customer Reviews

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I'm trapped all day

My mistress put my penis its little cage and I'm going to spend the day this way. I can still pee through the slot, but I'm not allowed to get an erection because it will be uncomfortable. When she and I both get home she will unlock my cage.

They Care About Privacy

Site Review: This company cares about privacy and so do I.

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