The Buddy Erection Holder Holds Your Erection

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  • Holds your erection for you
  • Helps in maintaining erections
  • Easy-on, easy-off
Quick facts
The Tickler Buddy is a unique kind of cock ring that helps you maintain an erection. Get unusual sexual products like this here at

Item Description
“Well hey there, buddy! Let me just hold that erection for you.” If one of your human buddies came up and said this to you, you’d probably be pretty wigged out, and understandably so. Society’s taken great strides toward growing more accepting of platonic male intimacy, but we’re not quite at the point yet where this wouldn’t be weird.

Fortunately, that question’s not weird at all coming from this Buddy here! Well, okay, maybe it’s still a little weird to have a silicone ring around your penis that makes it look like some kind of one-eyed impala. But that’s a weirdness you’ll be able to live with when you feel what it can do.

The Buddy Erection Holder fits around the base of the penis to help hold in the blood that flows to the penis, making your erections harder and longer-lasting. Just slide it down to the base of the shaft and pull tight with the white plastic mechanism. Taking it off is as easy as clicking the button. Made from comfortably smooth silicone and featuring this easy-on, easy-off mechanism, the Buddy Erection Holder provides erectile enhancement that will have you saying “Gee, thanks, buddy!”
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