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Want to Screw a Unicorn? Try The Crystal Dildo SALE
crystal dildo SALE
crystal dildo SALE
crystal dildo SALE
crystal dildo SALE

The Crystal Dildo - Large and Pretty

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SKU: V18013B
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  • A very thick 7" dildo
  • An eye pleasing soft pink color
  • Made of material that mimics the feel of real skin
Quick facts
The Crystal Dildo is pretty and stylish. Purchase this dildo from, where we ship your orders in the most discreet packaging available.
Item Description
A dildo is like a vibrator that does not vibrate. It is just a synthetic phallus. Usually they are slightly larger than the average vibrator and there is more focus on making them feel realistic in the way that they flex and bend.

We really like this dildo because it is pretty. It reminds us of a unicorn dick, if unicorn dicks were small. Unicorn penis is probably bigger than seven inches, right?

This particular dildo is attractively packaged, made from a synthetic material that feels like real skin, and has a suction cup base. This product is 7 inches long and has become our most popular dildo.

It has a pleasant two-tone crystal color that is best seen if you click on the image to enlarge it.

The Pretty Purple Dildo is soft, pliable and ribbed for ultimate pleasure. The Iridescent Dildo has a firm core, so it's stiff enough for fantastic penetration. But it also has a slight give and bend, so it can reach your G-spot with the turn of your wrist.

The Pretty Purple Dildo has a substantial base for either you or a partner to grab on to. It also features a suction cup, to stand up on its own for more versatile play.

The Pretty Purple Dildo measures in at seven inches long and has a 1.5 inch diameter.

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