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Neiko Is An Anime Themed Blow-Up Doll SALE

Neiko Is An Anime Themed Blow-Up Doll

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Item Description
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Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to meet "Neiko," the anime-themed blow-up doll that's here to add a touch of anime fantasy to your bedroom adventures! Brace yourselves to enter a different world where you anime dream girl is live in the flesh!

Key Features That Will Leave You Blown Away
  • Neiko is not your average blow-up doll; she's got luscious long legs and a hungry mouth that's ready to enhance your climax. It's like having a anime partner who's always eager to please!
  • Her removable vagina can be used individually or with Neiko, giving you options that suit your preferences. It's like having a filthy anime porn shoot in your bedroom!
  • Neiko's DD voluptuous breasts come with soft nipples for your enjoyment, adding an extra layer of sensuality to your intimate moments.
  • With a life-like 3D face, Naughty Neiko is ready to join you with a smile that'll leave you breathless.
  • To keep the secapades going, we even include free talc powder. It's like having a special effects crew on hand to make sure your performance goes off without a hitch.

Specifications That'll Leave You In Awe
  • Materials: PVC (doll) and TPR (masturbator)
  • Doll Height: 38.5 inches
  • Masturbator Length: 7 inches

So, if you're ready to add a dose of fantasy, and perhaps a touch of absurdity to your intimate moments, "Neiko Is An Anime Themed Blow-Up Doll" is your ticket to a performance that's sure to leave you blown away.

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Customer Reviews

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Stupid but funny

My friend is a weeb, so I got him this for his birthday. He loved/hated it.

Quick Private

Site review: Always quick, always private. I like shopping here.

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