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Bleach Your Bum Naturally With Vitamin C Anal Bleach SALE
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Anal Bleach with Aloe and Vitamin C SALE

Anal Bleach with Vitamin C

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  • Anal Bleach
  • With aloe and Vitamin C
  • 6 ounces
Quick facts
Clean Stream Anal Bleach brightens your anus with vitamin C. Get this private product at, where we never email you after the sale or add you to any lists.
Item Description
Anal bleaching has been a big trend for years now. It is one of our most popular items. This is a new anal bleach that we really like. It is gentle, and made with Vitamin C and aloe. It was specifically created to lighten dark areas and even skin tones.

People lighten their anuses for a variety of reasons. The biggest reason is that the anal area darkens with age. Darker = browner. And unfortunately, brown is the color of poop. If someone sees your brown anus, they might get the wrong idea. A good anal bleach will keep you looking pink and clean.

This anal bleach promises noticeable results within two weeks. Apply it daily to clean and dry skin.

6 ounces/ 170 grams. Hydroquinone-free. (Hydroquinone is a chemical that some anal bleaches use. It is legal in the US, but not in other countries.)

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