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A 9 Inch Penis Sleeve SALE

A 9 Inch Penis Sleeve

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Item Description
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Introducing the "A 9 Inch Penis Sleeve," because sometimes, you just need that extra oomph in your life. Get ready to be the talk of the town with the RealRock Realistic 9 in. Penis Sleeve Extender Sling in Tan – because why settle for ordinary when you can embrace the extraordinary? Let's dive into the wild world of realistic sensations and super-lifelike experiences!

Unveiling the Marvels of the RealRock 9in Penis Extender Sling:
- Bigger, Better, Bolder: This penis extender sling is your ticket to the big leagues, offering a whopping 9 inches of lifelike pleasure that's sure to leave you and your partner in awe.
- Super-Lifelike Design: The dong's realistic shapes, textures, and tan color create an experience that closely mirrors the real deal, ensuring satisfaction beyond your wildest dreams.
- Body-Safe Material: Crafted from phthalate-free Skin TPE, this dong embraces your skin with a squishy, soft texture that's not only sensational but also completely safe for your body.
- Odor-Free Experience: Manufactured through injection molding, this beautifully crafted dildo eliminates unwanted smells and defects, providing an odor-free, delightful playtime.
- Thermo-Stability and Durability: The advanced molding technique not only enhances thermo-stability but also ensures the dildo's durability, so you can focus on the pleasures at hand without worries.

Product Specifications:
- Weight Package: 5.82 oz – because when it comes to pleasure, weight matters.
- Product Dimensions: 7.8" x 2.2" x 2.44" – the perfect size for those who appreciate a generous offering.
- Product Weight: 4.44 oz – because lightweight enjoyment is the name of the game.
- Product Diameter: 2.32" – because girth is an essential factor in the grand scheme of things.
- Insertable Length: 7.8" – a length that promises to take you on a journey of pure bliss.
- Waterproof and Splashproof: Enjoy aquatic adventures without holding back – this dong is built for wet and wild fun.
- Phthalate-Free: Your safety is a priority, and this dong ensures a phthalate-free experience for worry-free pleasure.
- Material: TPE – a body-friendly material that blends squishiness with realism.

So, why settle for the mundane when you can dive into the realm of extraordinary sensations with the RealRock 9in Penis Extender Sling? Get ready to be bigger, better, and bolder in your intimate adventures!

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Customer Reviews

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I thought it would be cool to have a huge dick and to really give my wife a pounding, but it didnt' work out that way. First, this thing is really big, too big to really fit in my wife even with a ton of lube. She was in noticeable pain. Second, it felt really weird to have my penis in there but I couldn't really feel anything. Without any feeling and with the fantasy not doing it, the whole idea fell apart.

Great selection

Site review: I love the selection. Worth a visit every once in a while just to see what is new.

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