Zip Wax Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Zip Wax FAQHere are some frequently asked questions about Zip Wax:

What is Zip Wax?
Zip Wax is a very stiff and sticky hair removing wax. It has been around for at least 30 years and is used by hundreds of our customers. It is very different from some of the other hair removing waxes on the market. Users of zip wax swear by it. They know that zip wax outperforms other waxes and rarely misses hairs. Here at, we tried it and found that it does a much more complete job of removing hairs than other products. Unfortunately, zip wax is somewhat inconvenient to use.

Why would I want to use it?
If you have any experience with home waxing you are probably familiar with the need to wax an area a number of times. The first time, the wax only removes some of the hairs. You need to reapply it.

At a salon, they use a wax warmer and some really sticky stuff. When they rip it, there are very few hairs left. Either way it is painful, but at the Salon the pain is swift and the effect is good. At home, sometimes you have to apply wax to an area of your skin that is already stinging and then pull again. Ouch.

Zip wax is very effective. It is even more solid than some of the salon quality waxes we sell. Zip wax is so stiff some customers don't even use a fabric strip, they just pull on the wax itself. Zip wax is strong stuff.

How do you use it?
The first challenge to using zip wax is to melt it. If you use the tube, you can place it in a mug of hot water and melt it that way. If you use the block of wax, you'll need an old pot, double boiler, or a wax warmer. It seems that many of our customers use an old pot (garage sales seem like a popular source) and place this pot on top of a pot of boiling water. Inside the old pot, they melt the block of wax.

Once the wax is melted, they spread it on their skin. Don't burn yourself. Zip does not come with an applicator so I imagine they use an old butter knife or popsicle stick. Zip Wax customers strike me as a very, very crafty bunch. Some customers place a strip of cloth (cotton works well, we sell special muslin strips for this purpose) while other customers use no cloth. When the wax hardens, place on hand on the nearest spot of exposed skin holding it taught. Grab the hardened wax (or cloth strip) and rip it quickly off. It will take the hair with it. It stings, but you'll be free from shaving for quite some time.

That sounds like a lot of trouble. Is it worth it?
Zip wax seems like a lot of trouble, but I have experience with the Nair wax kits and prefer the Zip Wax. My experience with the Nair kit had me waxing over and over again to remove hair from the same spot. It was time consuming and very painful. Salons are great but expensive, also it is hard to feel pampered when you leave stinging. At home I comfort myself with an ice pack and some ice cream.

How does Zip Wax differ from other hair removers?
The main difference between zip and other hair removers is that Zip Wax is very, very stiff. At room temperature it is a block. Others are thick, honeylike substances. Zip looks like a block of tan chocolate. You can rip the zip wax off just by grabbing the wax, no cloth strip is neccesary.

What is Zip Wax made of?
We are not entirely sure of all of the Zip ingredients, but it is definitely a wax.

Is Zip Wax available in a store near me?
In 1999 it seems that most CVS stores stopped carrying zip wax. We know this only because our sales of the items skyrocketed. We have received a number of calls from friendly zip wax users trying to locate their favorite depilatory. Unfortunately, we have no idea where you can find zip wax near you.

Zip wax is a somewhat unusual product and the packaging isn't very modern. Most pharmacies probably do not carry it. We do. We even ship it right to your door. Stop your search right now and give us a chance. We won't let you down.

Thanks for reading our Zip Wax FAQ. The staff of has compiled what we know into this document.